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Legal Self-Help Center

The free, online legal self-help center will help you find information about your legal rights and responsibilities, videos on what happens in court and some legal documents and forms which you can fill out and file.

You can use the legal self-help center online or in the Law Library. If you visit the Law Library, a navigator may be available to help you use the legal self-help center to find the information that you need. 

E-filing is required in Illinois

E-filing means that you give the court electronic documents instead of paper documents...Read more.

Self-Help Legal Information

If you are not working with an attorney, these sites, in addition to the legal self-help center, may help you navigate the legal system.

Search Courts and Jail Records

10th  Judicial Circuit – The Peoria County Circuit Court adopts the Supreme Court's Electronic Access Policy for Circuit Court Records of the Illinois Courts. Access to the electronic court record will be available consistent with this policy