Middle Ground

MIDDLE GROUND Program - provided by I.C.C.
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The Middle Ground Program is designed to teach skills to avoid common co-parenting mistakes.  Through role playing, skill training, peer coaching, and supervised practice, parents are taught appropriate communication techniques and conflict management skills so that they can protect their children from the negative effects of parental conflict.  The program is comprised of two-hour group sessions that occur one time per week for eight weeks.  Parents attend sessions together and work on issues that create ongoing conflict.  Upon completion of the Middle Ground Program, parents have learned:  conflict management skills, communication methods, effects of high conflict on children and alternatives to returning to court.  The goal of the program is to allow for parents to give their children permission to love both parents, and to be able to use the skills they acquire to reduce conflict for the sake of their children.  Attendance at all classes is mandatory for completion of the program, and full participation in the classes is required.  There must be a court order to attend this program, please see the flyer for additional information such as dates and the cost of the program.