Court Administration

What we do

Court Administration is the administrative arm of the court that ensures the civil and criminal courts of Peoria County and the Tenth Judicial Circuit operate in an effective and organized manner.  The Court Administrator and Chief Financial Officer both report directly to the Chief Judge of the Tenth Judicial Circuit.  The Court Administrator serves as the liaison for the court system to ensure the proper operation of the business of the court and the Chief FInancial Officer oversees the Court's $12 million budget.   

Court Administration is located in room 215 of the Peoria County Courthouse. Staff are available to setup appointments for the court appointed mediator, Guardian Ad Litem, and the Visitation Center.  Scheduling of court dates is done in the Circuit Clerk's office.

Circuit Court Rules

Contacting Judges

Judges may not be contacted directly.  Email or call the assigned courtroom clerk.

Accessibility Accommodations

The Tenth Circuit Court makes every effort to comply with accessibility laws and provides reasonable accommodations to people with disabilities. If you have questions please feel free to call The Tenth Circuit Court Disability Coordinator Stefanie Dwyer at 309-672-6047.

Useful Documents