10th Circuit Forms

These forms are a combination of Standardized Forms (State) approved for use in all Illinois courts and forms created for use in the Tenth Circuit (10th) only.  Once you click on the appropriate category below, you will be shown a list of available forms.  The exact form(s) you'll need to prepare and file will depend on your circumstances, so please carefully review the instructions to ensure you prepare and file the correct form(s).

This is designed for use by persons requiring minimal assistance.  Additional instructions may be found on the AOIC or ILAO website or contact your circuit clerk's office or the Court Administration office in Room 215 at the Peoria County Courthouse.  

PLEASE NOTE: When you’ve finished filling out the form and are ready to upload it through eFileIL you will need to PRINT TO A PDF PRINTER instead of saving the .pdf. This is the only way to ensure the form is no longer editable. Failure to print to a .pdf will result in your document being in the wrong format and it may be rejected by the Circuit Clerk’s office. For further instructions on how to eFile, click here.



Certificate of Good Conduct

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Divorce No Children

Divorce with Children


Exemption from E-Filing for Good Cause

Expungement and Sealing - Adult and Juvenile


Fee Waiver for Civil Cases

Fee/Assessments Waiver for Criminal Cases

Financial Affidavit


Identity Theft

Interpreter Request

Joint Simplified Divorce

Limited Scope

Mortgage Foreclosure


Motion to Appoint Special Process Server

Name Change - Adult and Minor

Notice of Appeal

Order of Protection

Post Judgment Collection

Proof of Delivery

Rule to Show Cause

Small Claims Complaint

Small Estate Affidavit


Wage Garnishments