Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

**NEW**  Use the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court Family Resolution Program Portal to access and manage your parenting agreement.

What is Family ODR?  

Online Dispute Resolution, or ODR, is a tool required by the court to start the process of negotiating a parenting agreement. It gives the parents the opportunity to create a parenting agreement online, and may include the assistance of a neutral, online mediator when appointed by the court.

How much does it cost?

There is no additional cost to use the Online Resolution Center.

How does ODR work?

If the court orders you to participate in ODR, the Petitioner (the person who filed the case in the first place) receives an email notifying them that the Online Resolution Center is ready to be used to create their parenting plan.  If you don't get an email, you can use the portal to register and start the ODR process.  All you need is your case number. 

The petitioner will answer the questions to create the parenting plan.  The respondent will then be notified to review this proposed parenting plan and can either agree to everything or propose something different in one or more sections.  The petitioner will then have an opportunity to review this modified agreement and propose their own changes.  This negotiation process can continue until there is either full agreement, or until the next court hearing.  

How to recognize emails from ODR

Check your inbox, spam, and junk mailboxes for email from:

What if I need help?

For technical questions about the ODR application, contact the software vendor at 1-833-803-5492 Monday-Friday 7am - 9pm CST OR send an email to

If you have questions about your court case, please contact Court Administration at 309-672-6036 or send an email to