Zoom Meeting Links

These links are only for parties on a case, attorneys, or other justice partners that have a scheduled court appearance.  If you're not sure when your hearing is OR WHETHER YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO APPEAR IN PERSON OR VIA ZOOM, please check the Peoria County Records Portal

DO NOT use these links to watch a proceeding.  

All meeting participants will go into a Zoom waiting room and not be admitted into the meeting until it's time for the hearing.  If you have not identified yourself with your name and case number, you may not be admitted to the meeting.

To contact the courtroom or get Zoom information for a courtroom not listed below, click here or call the Circuit Clerk's office at 309-672-6000.

JudgeZoom Meeting LinkMeeting ID
121TrafficHon. Suzanne Patton121 Zoom
213CivilHon. Michael Risinger213 Zoom
214CivilHon. Paul Bauer214 Zoom529-996-1400
Foreclosure Mediation Civil NoneForeclosure Mediation Zoom593-480-2333