Jury Payment

Court Funds

Jurors receive payment in the form of a debit card. Payment is computed on the last day of your service week, and payment will be loaded onto your Court Funds Debit Card within 14 days. Questions regarding payment and support issues should be directed to Court Funds

Card Activation

To use your Court Funds Debit Card, activate it here or call (877) 287-2448. 

Lost or Stolen Cards

If you've registered your card, turning it off and getting a replacement only takes a few minutes. Call Court Funds Customer Service at (877) 287-2448. 

Register Your Card

Registering your card allows you to access online tools, check your balance, transfer funds, and more. If your card is ever lost or stolen, registration gives you the ability to turn off the card until you find it or receive a replacement. Register your card online here.


View the answers to Frequently Asked Questions on the Court Funds website here.

Customer Support

Contact Court Funds Customer Support using their Contact Form or by calling (877) 287-2448.